Energy Shiatsu Holistic Experience

Energy Shiatsu and Reiki Experience During your Energy Shiatsu session you may experience deep relaxation, immediate relief from stress or discomforts, and life changing clarity. Energy Shiatsu first calms your mind and nervous system, then stimulates your body, mind and heart to heal and rejuvenate.

Our sessions include:

  • Holistic overview of discomforts, challenges, and life goals
  • Oil-free & clothed, divinely guided energy balancing treatment
  • Root-cause-healing, empowering, or solution-oriented light coaching

What do patients love about Energy Shiatsu:

  • Soothing & Healing: resolved body, muscle, joint and nerve pains
  • Calm & Peace: released tension and anxiety from body and mind
  • Better Sleep & Energy: fatigue and stress turned into well-being
  • New Perspective & Clarity: fears, worries & despair transformed
  • Intuition, Potential, Grace: restored connection with Higher Self
  • Consciousness Shift: higher wisdom with calm & fearless strength
  • Joy & Long Life: inner bliss, outer luck, happier future, youthing

What is Energy Shiatsu?

Holistic Energy Shiatsu Balancing Chakras Energy Shiatsu is a Holistic and Life-changing blend of Shiatsu bodywork, Reiki & Healing Touch energy, friendly and open Talk Therapy, and practical Light Coaching (or Mentoring).

Shiatsu stimulates key pressure points along Meridians to release physical blockages; Reiki and Healing Touch release energetic blockages and balance body energy field; Talk Therapy refreshes peace of heart and mind; and Light Coaching transforms challenges into happy outcomes at the Soul level.

The results of Energy Shiatsu may include remission of pains and concerns; feeling all-encompassing safety, lightness and freedom; profound personal transformation and renewed natural confidence; discovery and fulfillment of own highest potential; and a manifestation of own personal holistic success such as perfect health, deep peace and self-knowledge, a loving relationship, and a truly fulfilling blissful life.

The specialty of Energy Shiatsu is helping people who are dealing with troubling health challenges including fibromyalgia and tumors, or related to post-traumatic stress such as after an accident or concussion (TBI). The Light Coaching is especially helpful in restoring emotional or mental health, including releasing life struggles or self-sabotaging patterns, and then helping people transform beyond what they think is possible. This is accomplished by working with emotions, beliefs and intelligence to elevate consciousness and shift the creation & perception of one's reality.

The practitioner helps clients move smoothly toward a better and healthier life, practically without any hard work or stress. He does so with a gentle and genuine care, yet with an empowering and action-oriented guidance toward outcomes based on clients' individual karmic lessons, unique strengths, desired objectives, and life purpose.

By channelling the Divine Life Force through his aura and hands, the practitioner turns the work over to God / Spirit / Source / Universe -- the good and purest Divine Energy of unconditional love and compassion.

Grant yourself a moment to melt away tension and stress, and renew. Repeat weekly or biweekly to recharge your mental, physical and creative performance to the peak level. It is one of the best kept secrets of top athletes, musicians, performers and business executives.

"Fall in love with taking care of Yourself, Mind, Body, and Spirit."

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