Hours of Operation & Contact Info

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Tuesday in Oakville: Currently Not Available
Sunday: 3PM - 9PM at 240 Roncesvalles Avenue
Wednesday: 3PM - 9PM Remotely via Phone or Skype

Please contact to inquire about House-call visit at your home or venue.

Contact: 1.877.357.9779 ext 5, or info [at] energyshiatsu [dot] com
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Roncesvalles Location

The Village Healing Centre
240 Roncesvalles Avenue
Suite #4 (2nd floor)
Toronto, Ontario M6R 2L8

Available Sundays 3pm - 9pm

IMPORTANT NOTE: Entrance and Parking at VHC will be undergoing renovations starting Aug 6, 2019 and thus parking at VHC will very limited. There is a paid lot behind the Polish Credit Union, which can be accessed from Fern ave. There is also free 1 or 3 hour parking on most of the side streets as well as green P street parking all along Roncesvalles.

To enter the VHC building proceed to down Roncesvalles Avenue to Wright Ave and enter VHC via doors on the south side of the building. Head up the stairs to the 2nd Floor and proceed all the way down the hall to the VHC 2nd Floor offices. See helpful images below.

Energy Shiatsu, 240 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, Ontario Proceed South to Wright Ave, the South side of the building

Energy Shiatsu route from entrance to 2nd floor Enter via South Side Entrance into the VHC Building

Energy Shiatsu route from entrance to 2nd floor Head up the stairs to the 2nd Floor and to the end of the hall

Energy Shiatsu 2nd floor Suite 4 Once at the top, the office is in the large space to your left, suite #4.

Energy Shiatsu Treatment Room, Toronto, Ontario Energy Shiatsu Treatment Room at Roncesvalles in Toronto.

House-call Visit or Remotely via Phone/Skype

For housecall availability and pricing at your home or venue please call or email with your approximate location, a couple of preferred date(s) & time(s), as well as your requirements and expectations.

Remote Energy Shiatsu sessions are a convenient way to receive energy healing treatment wherever you are around the world -- no commute or travel required. They are completely safe with no side effects, and as effective as the in-person sessions.

Patients have reported a pleasant sensation of warmth and soft light in their inner vision, followed by a decrease of stress, anxiety, headaches and other discomforts, as well as restored sense of well-being and clarity.

Remote healing can either be a relaxing Energy Shiatsu treatment (Reiki Adjustment, grounding & centering or Chakra Balancing), or the Holistic Healing (Subconscious Insights, Talk Therapy and basic Light Coaching).

Metaphorically speaking, Remote Energy Healing works kind of like WiFi, but travelling instantly any distance, and is as private and secure. Feel free to ask for more details or just give it a try.

Here's how to make sure your Remote Session most effective:

  1. Schedule your appointment on the Book Now page
  2. Check Your Email and fill out the CLIENT INTAKE FORM
  3. Email the completed form at least 24 hours in advance as instructed
  4. PRE-PAY Your Remote Sessions Online securely using PayPal
  5. On the scheduled date & time, the Practitioner will give you a call
  6. We will start with a brief conversation to discuss your needs
  7. In case of the Remote Energy Treatment, we would hang up and ..
    • You would position yourself comfortably in a quiet place
    • Practitioner works on you remotely for the agreed time
    • Practitioner calls you to discuss mutual insights
  8. In case of Remote Talk or Coaching, we would proceed as needed

Remote sessions are available Wednesdays 3pm - 9pm

Remote Energy Shiatsu via Skype

Oakville Location

Shaw Chiropractic Family Wellness Centre
586 Argus Road, Suite #100 (South side)
Oakville, Ontario L6J 3J3

Currently Not Available

Energy Shiatsu, 586 Argus Road, Oakville, Ontario Enter directly from the South Side of the building.

Energy Shiatsu Treatment Room, Oakville, Ontario Energy Shiatsu Treatment Room in Oakville.