Energy Shiatsu Holistic Experience

Energy Shiatsu and Reiki Experience Energy Shiatsu treatments offer deep relaxation, relief from discomforts and stress, and life-changing clarity.

This unique treatment calms your mind, balances your energy field, and rejuvenates your body, mind, and soul.

The practitioner channels the divine energy that guides individuals toward a better and healthier life. He specializes in addressing seemingly "impossible" or incurable difficulties.

Energy Shiatsu offers:

  • A holistic overview of challenges, discomforts, fears, and life goals
  • Divinely guided, well-being-restoring physical or energy treatment
  • Root-cause-healing, empowering, or solution-oriented miracle coaching

Priceless Results that patients love about Energy Shiatsu:

  • Calm & Peace - released tension and anxiety from body and mind
  • Soothing & Healing - resolved body, muscle, joint and nerve pains
  • Better Sleep & Energy Levels - fatigue turned into well-being
  • In the Flow - Chakra balancing and alignment with your Higher Self
  • Get Unstuck - path adjustment of health, love, money, or spirituality
  • Intuition Potential Grace - your power and self-confidence restored
  • Shadow Work - release of dark, repressed, hidden, unserving patterns
  • Completion - end of phobias, fears and unfinished business; wholeness
  • Spiritual Reset - dropped Karma and all binds; expedited Life Lessons
  • Enhanced Health - natural immunity boost, fast self-healing, youthing
  • Consciousness Shift - disappearance of the Universe, creating own reality
  • Enlightenment - calm wisdom, oneness, realization of Self / I AM / God
  • Peace Bliss Love Freedom - self-satisfied, wholy blessed, destiny fulfilled
  • Purity | The Absolute - the only thing carrying over to next incarnation
  • Babies/Kids/Teens - health or skin conditions, anxiety, depression
  • Accidents/Trauma - pain management, cellular or brain recovery

Both in-person and remote sessions are available and equally effective.

What is Energy Shiatsu?

Holistic Energy Shiatsu Balancing Chakras Energy Shiatsu is a unique and holistic blend of Shiatsu bodywork, homeopathy & naturopathy, advanced Reiki energy, direct & relatable talk therapy, and life mastery or miracle coaching. It releases physical and energetic blockages to support the body's natural ability to heal.

Shiatsu stimulates key pressure points along Meridians, Reiki & Healing Touch move and balance the body energy field to support the natural ability to heal, and Life Mastery + Miracle Coaching transforms personal challenges into Soul's progress and your desired outcomes.

The gentle and genuine care, yet empowering and action-oriented practical guidance is based on clients' individual karmic lessons, unique strengths, desired objectives, and their life purpose.

By channeling the Divine Life Force through his aura and hands, the practitioner turns the work over to God/Spirit/Creative Source/Universe — the good, intelligent and purest Energy of unconditional love and compassion.

"Fall in love with taking care of Yourself, Mind, Body, and Spirit."

Energy Shiatsu Treatments

Energy Shiatsu offers the following types of treatments:

Remote Energy Boost sessions are a convenient way to receive energy healing from anywhere in the world. The effectiveness and safety of distant healing sessions are comparable to that of in-person treatments. Key benefits include a significant reduction of stress, fatigue, fear, and frustration, as well as an increase in calm, well-being, health, clarity, and confidence. The treatments are based on the practitioner's over decade of experience and utilize components of Pure Energy Shiatsu and Holistic Healing.

Pure Energy Shiatsu combines techniques of physical Shiatsu bodywork and energy healing techniques to address areas of concern. This holistic approach aims to alleviate pain, reduce stress, aid in recovery from accidents, promote relaxation, and enhance overall well-being. Regular sessions may help boost mental, physical, and creative performance to peak levels, which is a well-kept secret of top athletes, musicians, performers, entrepreneurs and executives.

Spiritual Holistic Healing adds elements of deep subconscious work, including addressing body memory or inner child, Akashic Record, and Soul-Level Healing, updates to the body/mind "firmware," and activation of all layers of DNA. Spiritual Holistic Healing aims to uncover the root causes of various physical, emotional, or mental health challenges, such as lifelong, hereditary, chronic, recurring, or peculiar conditions, unexplainable pains, difficulty losing weight or getting pregnant, stuckness, or boredom, lack of focus or energy, persistent self-sabotaging patterns, unfinished business, personality or interpersonal puzzles, recurring accidents, anxiety & depression, guilt or PTSD, fears, including public speaking or phobias, and any addictions. This type of treatment is for individuals who want to address the root causes of their issues and overcome them permanently. Note that a few sessions may be required to peel down to deeply hidden layers in order to undo cumulative trauma energies, transmute the challenges once and for all, and then facilitate an advancement beyond the challenges.

Life Mastery or Miracle Coaching helps high-achievers navigate difficult circumstances and manifest desired goals, ideally aligned with their soul's purpose. The sessions address the core of struggles, offer profound healing, generate insights and aha-moments, and help transform your reality using spiritual approaches. This service is for those who are ready to fast-track to a happy, passionate, and purposeful life. It aims to help you achieve mastery of your state and emotions, improve relationships, attain genuine emotional inner peace, and ultimately bliss out in the state of destiny fulfilled.

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