Kamil C. Kowalski, Hon.B.Sc, PTS

Kamil C. Kowalski graduated from University of Toronto and for over ten years has been an avid and honourable entrepreneur. As a result, he has developed thorough research skills and precision work that passed the strictest standards of large corporations, albeit with varying degrees of stress and overall lack of work-life balance.

Following a dramatic time-out in the form of a ski accident in 2008, his healing and full recovery was in part supported by acupuncture, Reiki and Shiatsu, and numerous disciplined spiritual practices. Next, inspired by the experience of the miracle and guided by search for truth, understanding of life, daily joy and further miracles, Kamil has taken upon a 7-year journey of thorough and holistic personal transformation. With a priceless assistance of intuitive experts, he has healed his physical and emotional bodies, and released karmic blocks.

Inline with his personal interests and divine guidance, Kamil has completed Personal Training Specialist (PTS) certification at the Canadian Fitness Professionals (CanFitPro) and Shiatsu course at the Shiatsu Academy of Tokyo in Toronto. He then completed Reiki I & II Certifications, Life Coaching Certification, and Akashic Record and Angel Card Reading training. In 2015 Kamil enhanced his unique modality with A Course In Miracles (ACIM) and Healing Touch certification.

As Kamil trained under the watch of two experienced Reiki Masters and practiced the skills on his friends and first patients, it became clear that not only he's a natural, but in addition to the scientific benefits of Shiatsu, Kamil is channelling the Universal Life Force. If appropriate and consciously intended, Energy Shiatsu may result with a release of challenges or discomforts, and completely renewed life experience.

Today Kamil continues to learn new approaches and techniques, and works on the mastery of his gift.

I welcome you to experience the wonderful warmth and peace of the loving Universe -- or a little piece of Heaven that the Energy Shiatsu is.

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