Kamil C. Kowalski, Hon.B.Sc, PTS, Light Coach

Kamil C. Kowalski graduated from University of Toronto with a Software Engineering degree and has been an avid entrepreneur ever since. Mixed-in are a few years of corporate experience holding various Senior technical roles such as Lean Six Sigma IT Consultant, Business Analyst and Project Manager. As a result he has developed excellent research, leadership and implementation skills that passed the strictest standards of large corporations; albeit often with great stress and overall lack of work-life balance. The Universe-orchestrated "time-out" was at hand.

Following a near-death-experience in the form of a ski accident in 2008, his healing and full recovery was supported by both Western medicine as well as acupuncture, Reiki and Shiatsu, and numerous disciplined spiritual practices. Inspired by experience of a miracle and guided onto the search for Truth and deep understanding of life, Kamil has embarked upon a Spiritual Journey of a holistic and thorough personal transformation. With priceless assistance of numerous intuitive and spiritual experts, he has healed his physical and emotional bodies, lived through not 1 but 5 Dark Nights of The Soul, released over 450 karmic blocks, wounds and shadows (not proud or thrilled about this number, and glad it's over), balanced his masculine and feminine sides, and realized oneness and love for all (including himself).

Inline with his personal interests and divine guidance, Kamil has completed Personal Training Specialist (PTS) Certification at the Canadian Fitness Professionals (CanFitPro) and Shiatsu course at the Shiatsu Academy of Tokyo in Toronto. At the same time he engaged in an in-depth study of psychology and brain science including neuroplasticity and mental health as related to TBI and PTSD. Subsequently he has completed Reiki I & II and Life Coaching certifications, and an Angel Card Reading and Working with Akashic Record trainings. Post 2015 Kamil has enhanced his unique modality with A Course In Miracles (ACIM), Healing Touch certification, and study of a Multi-dimensional/Soul-level healing.

As Kamil trained under a watchful eye of two experienced Reiki Masters and practiced the skills on his friends and first patients, it became clear that not only he's a natural, but in addition to the scientific benefits of Shiatsu and Reiki, Kamil is channelling Divine/Universal Life Force of the Highest Light and Vibration. If appropriate and consciously believed & intended, Energy Shiatsu may result with a release of challenges or discomforts, and a completely renewed life experience.

Today, in addition to inspiring thousands of people to take immediate action steps to enjoy better and more fulfilling lives, Kamil continues to learn and practice new healing approaches and techniques. He's also at the wonderful place where all his "unfinished business" is wrapped up and all the must-do bucket list items are checked off including travelling & exploring, perfecting performance driving, and acting. In this moment of Now, Kamil embraces blissful isness of his integrated and authentic self, while nurturing with Gaia and Spirit the energies of genuine harmony, understanding, unity, oneness, peace and happiness.

Discover genuine care and support like you'd expect from a trusted friend with your highest good at heart. Take the first step to your best health and happiness, and experience the wonderful warmth and peace of the loving Universe -- or a little piece of Heaven that Energy Shiatsu is.

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