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"Thank you for our session. I feel more energetic, calm and even a little of cheerful. I am impressed how much calmer and more balanced I feel than I have in last few years.
— Christie M.

"I’m speechless Kamil! I never put the road rage and the company together and it immediately made sense. No words for what we worked through today. Thank you for helping me make peace with what's happening. I was in a strange place but now I feel completely different and rejuvenated. I am so thankful for this sudden peace I feel physically and spiritually.
— Kerry J.

"Yes! I'm feeling lighter and calmer, maybe even walking a bit taller!
— Winnie T.

"My body felt great for most of the week. Emotionally it’s still a bit of a roller coaster. I think it’s just part of the process of healing. I have been thinking a lot about what you said and attempting to put into place and or reflecting on the info.
— Lauren H.

"You are VERY good at Shiatsu. You know where to press and you do it correctly. You are very good at releasing [tension/blockages in muscles/joints/organs], even in a short session."
— Robert Posen (Dr. Naturopathy and Zen Shiatsu)

"For 5 years I went to every person imaginable to help me with my back. I had one session with Kamil and my back's posture and alignment is the best its ever been. I feel more in control, and feel energetic again because of the positive changes in my life. I will keep seeing Kamil because of how valuable it is to have him be a part of my health advisory team. I will be forever grateful, and I will continue to send my friends and family to him."
— Basim M. (Entrepreneur)

"Amazing experience - I had right pelvic/hip pain that was previously not resolved with massage or chiropractic treatment. I was treated by Kamil yesterday and my hip pain is resolved! The treatment was unlike anything I have ever tried and I was sceptical but now I am a believer. Kamil is very personable, professional therapist. I highly recommend his services."
— Marie O. (Retired Registered Nurse)

"Kamil's an exceptionally powerful, compassionate, dedicated, and intuitive healer. You experience this every second of the focused worthful work. From my first session, I felt a shift physically, mentally, and spiritually. Results sustain long after the session, aiding my life's work and journey. I look forward to each time we meet."
— Robert M.

"I have had 3 sessions at Energy Shiatsu and found that each session deeply caters to exactly what I needed that day. The first session resulted in me finally sleeping through the night after weeks of unrest and waking up due to pain and discomfort. I have both a partial high-grade tear in my right rotator cuff and several large tumors in and around my uterus. During the session, Mr. Kowalski intuitively administered the perfect pressure I needed for the shiatsu and made me realise parts of my body that really needed attention. During the energy work, I was able to sense the heat and energy flow in the area of my right shoulder like it was mending. It was to my surprise to discover more range of motion after that one session. When he came to work on my belly area, I was perplex as how the feelings of discomfort and referring pain I would experience during ovulation came for a visit and disappear immediately after Mr. Kowalski finished that area. The second session Mr. Kowalski took out a pendulum and showed me how my chakras were spinning and explained how many were closed and in disarray. He asked me permission to begin the healing and of course I said, "yes." The energy work I experienced was incredible. I felt things shifting inside me. Mr. Kowalski works with angels, healers, and masters of the highest degree and would ask me questions to further uncover the root cause of my issues. He guided me in breathwork and visualizations in order to release the emotional blockages pertaining to my issues. At the end, he checked each chakra with the pendulum and they were all clear and opened. I felt energized and felt like I was bouncing off the walls because I was feeling extremely happy and light. The third session which was a week apart, we were both surprised to learn that all my chakras were still spinning the right way. So we worked mostly on the physical discomforts I was having. It was amazing to witness a man with such patience and clarity. He also gauged how much pressure to apply simply by my reactions. I am happy to report that for the first time since January, the level of pain I experienced this month did not top the pain I experienced the month before; I was so ecstatic for this moment! Overall, I look forward to seeing a full recovery and I choose Mr. Kowalski of Energy Shiatsu as part of my healing team because his methods has proven to be very effective for me. If you are considering Mr. Kowalski as part of your solution, you will know if he is a good fit immediately after speaking with him."
— Tsu-Ching Y. (Stunt Performer)

"I was deeply impressed by my experience. I had never had anyone aware of exactly where my muscles needed attention the most - head, hands and arms - and was quite fascinated by his ability to discern this from the short time I had available. I very much look forward to sleeping tonight and waking up to new and vital energy. Five stars most certainly!!"
— Cathy Z. (Singer)

"After my second session with Kamil Kowalski, I had tons more energy. Kamil is extremely thorough, wants to please and help you feel better. He is committed to his clients and gives very good service. I highly recommend Energy Shiatsu. Thank you."
— Lis M. (Professional Speaker)

" Fantastic, relaxing approach to shiatsu. Shiatsu is an acupressure therapy without puncture! Mr. Kowalski applied varying amounts of pressure and was able to release tight muscles that were not responding well to muscle relaxants. Muscles have a reflex causing them to contract when stimulated, but Mr. Kowalski knows that after some time, this reflex diminishes and the muscle "melts". That was great. Relief finally. Also, the tingling in my fingers has improved. I'm going for my third treatment tomorrow.
— Rod C.

"I am extremely grateful for your support and enlightenment."
— Lis M.

"I had a great experience! I did not know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. It was very relaxing. Kamil was very nice and friendly. I will be going back for sure!"
— Samantha M.

"Kamil has a very unique style of massage therapy. I've been to a lot of therapists and this type of massage is one of the most relaxing I've had. I'm usually in quite a lot of pain during a massage session but I've actually fallen asleep a couple of times here. Thanks again!"
— Ray W.

"First experience having a reiki & shiatsu massage. So happy I opened the door to this treatment. I have been for many massages, yet I haven't ever felt such relief within specific trigger points. Professional, clean and welcoming. Looking forward to my next visit."
— Carmen C.

"I woke up today for the first time in months without spasms in my calves and feet, and my ankles are significantly less swollen. I feel like life came back into them, they feel warm and nourished. I can turn them in both directions without pain. Also thank you for the incredible care in addressing the problem better than any other doctor or practitioner I've seen to date about this."
— Teresa K.

"I had an amazing Shiatsu session with Mr. Kowalski. I consider myself fairly active (biking everyday, going to the gym, participating in wrestling, boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu, and gymnastics) and often have sore muscles that need some TLC. Mr. Kowalski intuitively knew exactly how much pressure to apply to each point and how much attention was needed in each area. I felt completely comfortable in his hands and also felt confident in his knowledge, ability and professionalism that I even dosed off. The pace of the session demonstrated his care and attention to every detail such that I felt no need to request any additional attention. Thank you!"
— Tsu-Ching Y.

" I initially found Kamil/Energy Shiatsu through Groupon and didn't really know what to expect. When I met Kamil, he was very warm, authentic and relatable. I purchased a 90 minute session and it flew by. While I wasn't expecting miracles from one session, I did notice subtle improvement from physical symptoms (bulging neck disk) and I did feel very light, serene and happy overall - a feeling that lasted the entire month. I'll definitely book with Kamil again. FYI: Because of his limited schedule there's a long wait time to see him.
— Federica M.

"This is one of the most unique and helpful massage techniques i've had. Kamil is always effective at relieving my chronic pain, but he is also so gentle and relaxing. The room is always warm, clean and has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. I will definitely be visiting Energy Shiatsu again soon!"
— Cristina A.

"Energy Shiatsu has excellent customer service. They promptly replied to phone calls and emails. And they accommodated my schedule. The massage was superb! I have had a lot of massages and this was the best massage! Highly recommended!"
— Francis G.

"Kamil is very accommodating and treats his patients with true care. After I told him that I have severe back and arm pain due to hugging baby frequently, he concentrated on my upper body and boy, it truly makes a difference. I have been to other RMT massages but never felt as much therapeutic effects as his massages. I was lost, trying to find his office one time and he extended his service as an exception. I am surprise at how considerate and accommodating he is. I think most massage therapist would have just end the appointment based on the preset schedule. I cannot recommend enough about him."
— Joyce C.

"Kamil provided fantastic service. Unlike the previous reflexology massages I have been through that do not really make a difference afterwards, his Shiatsu type of massage provide much more relief from stress. The pressure and points are just right. After each treatment, I feel my stamina greatly increased and all back, shoulder, and waist pains disappear. I am completely sold by his service and cannot think of a better place to go than his clinic."
— Ellen C.

"I had a great energy shiatsu session with Kamil. I was able to go into deep relaxation while he worked on me that really helped my body to release and let go. He has a unique style to shiatsu combining with energy healing. The energy is quite powerful and I really like the zen atmosphere of the place. Highly recommended!"
— Kate Y. (Craniosacral Practitioner)

"The Oakville location is really convenient to get to, a clean and calm environment. Also, the service is relaxing and thorough. Definitely recommend."
— Sarah P.

"This is incredible, my hip [arthritis] feels 80% better, I can walk... wow, thank you."
— Veronica M.

" I had a 90 minute session the other day, to hopefully help work out some chronic areas of stress and strain. I know the limitations of what 1 session can accomplish, and I was hoping to get some pain relief for a couple of days as a result of the treatment. I really loved the combination of Reiki with Shiatsu and massage. I'm a Reiki Master of 17 years experience, so I really value that energy adjustments can have in bringing bodywork to a more profound and healing level. But sometimes you simply require physical work as well, and this combo really did a fantastic job at addressing both those levels during the session. My only critique was that I indicated on the intake forms that I was quite experienced with deep pressure, and preferred a strong touch. I found most of the massage portion to be much lighter than I am accustomed to, and I would have felt more immediate relief from deeper pressure. That being said, though, the methods that he used were extremely effective! The next day I was sore all over - in the good kind of way, where your body is realigning itself after being out of whack for a long period - so I'm looking forward to going back and seeing what else we can accomplish using his wonderful skills!"
— Danielle M. (Reiki Master)

"The clinic was very warm and inviting and the experience with the massage was incredible. I would highly recommend this to anyone."
— Sue E.

"Just wanted to say thank you. I got up this morning and it seems that I lost 5 lbs. I still feel great, my body is rejuvenated. I am starting a new diet and detox tomorrow and exercise."
— Maria M.

"It was really good. Just the right pressure and you got all the sore spots. I especially liked the forearms and my lower back. I was able to rebalance my chakras, too."
— G.H.

"You did such a great job on me with the shiatsu that I just wanted to say a huge TNAHK YOU. I have no shoulder pain at all... and my body feels tighter this morning. I feel so good and so happy! I feel like I am going to explode to a thousand pieces of lights to the heavens."
— G.H.

"Thanks for the shiatsu session. It was great! Just what my body needed. I actually fell asleep after, and waking up feeling a lot refreshed! keep up the good work!"
— Kate Y.

"THANK YOU for the best gift of all … the gift of relaxing rejuvenation Shiatsu … you’re the best!"
— S.H.

"I had awesome massage. It was heavenly! ...... T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U for your positive energy."
— L.P.L. (Film Industry)

"Good Morning, feeling much better today, thank you for the adjustments, slept very soundly as well."
— Lillian H.

"Wow! Seriously the best head massage ever!"
— Lillian H.

"THANK YOU for the AMAZING Shiatsu energy!"
— S.S.

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